Charlie Sayles

Illustration of Charlie Sayles Blues Harmonica player

Ducking in and out of bars and live shows on North Ave., we stumbled into Joe Squared to get a quick drink before a concert started across the street. It’s dark, and cold and wet, October. At the front of the bar is this tall skinny guy, wearing his jacket on his shoulders and belting out what was one of the most impressive harmonica performances I’ve ever heard.


Charlie Sayles picked up the harmonica in Vietnam, came back, and just played harmonica on the streets and subways, dark clubs like these. He looks like the kind of guy you’d expect to see playing the blues, shaped by a tough life, but just happy to be doing his thing. The mood was right, the setting was right, the people were right. Was one of those moments where you say to yourself, damn, it’s good to be alive, I’ve got it lucky. Snapped a pic on our way out, hoping to capture a little bit of that feeling. It’s moment like those that make for the best artwork. Looking at this takes me right there.

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