Ravens Rituals


This is a digital campaign I worked on for the Maryland Lottery and the Baltimore Ravens to promote a Ravens-themed scratch-off ticket. The concept was centered around Ravens Rituals, things you do before the game or leading up to the game because you’re such a football nut. We created a microsite that offered a contest where you could post a picture and description of your Ravens Ritual on a custom Google Map. Submitters would be automatically entered in a drawing to win all kinds of Ravens experiences, including flying with the team, going on field during a game and luxury-suite parties.

We also created rich-media banners that would show a commercial where a Ravens fan sends an email from work to his buddy across the office with message, CAAAAWWWWW! He CAW’s back vocally and gets intercepted by his boss. After the video, the user can interact with the Raven to send a link to a microsite with a realistic Raven that would CAAWW on mouse click. We encouraged viewers to keep it handy on their mobile device while watching the game so that they could unleash during a big play. Client: Maryland Lottery, Agency: GKV, Creative Director: Jeff Millman, Art Director: Chris Stark, Copywriter: Dave Broscious.

Another rich-media concept had potential, but was never able to get past Ray Lewis’ vaunted lawyers. It was a patented Ray-Ray End-zone Squirrel Dance game, where the user had to replicate the moves a-la-Guitar Hero. Illustrator Lindsay Petrick lent a hand with the illustration of the fan (modeled after an intern who we later hired). All-in-all in was a successful campaign, driving an increase in ticket sales.

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